Entries #13 and #14

Entry #13 I’ve learned how important is writing analysis theory. It is not just developing ideas but the aim of writing an essay is reflecting ideas in clear paragraphs. Each paragraph should contain vocabulary related to the topic, that’s why it is important to investigate. I could write my essays using webpages, videos and audios; the last two resources were a new tool for me to improve my writing. However, I find it difficult to follow each step in writing an outstanding paragraph, for example the thesis statement and its argument sentences expressed in an appropriate way. I should practice more writing essays.
Entry #14
Each portfolio have provided me with useful ideas for writing and, also I made interesting notes and summaries about different topics which would help me to study. The blog has been a tool that simplifies the material, it is already uploaded and I just have to complete the activity given by the teacher. The activities let me search for extra information in the Interne…

Entry #12

1- The inspector needs a flawless American accent. Everyone speak with an accent. In this case, the inspector’s accent is French and it takes him much effort to acquire British pronounciation. The accent describes aspects of pronounciation that identify where people is from.
2- Students dialect? In the video, we can see students using American dialects to talk among them. Grammar and pronounciation differ from the Standard American English, also the words change into informal. Moreover, we find slangs. They are usually spoken among teenagers who share the same group. In most cases, slangs illustrate obscenities and taboo terms.
3- Speak English, please! In this video, the interviewer asks the soldier in a formal way, which let us think that it is a real interview. However, the soldier attitude and vocabulary make the viewer realize that it is an informal interview. This change of styles are known as style-shifting.
Also, there is a problem in pronounciation. The soldier can’t acquire the A…

Entry #11 - Chapters 18,19 and 20


Every language has a lot of variation, especially in the way it is spoken.Language variation is based on where the language is used (linguistic geography).The standard language This is aset of words and structures idealized  because it has no specific region.We find this version printed in books and newspaper, it is used in mass media and it is taught in most schools.We can refer to Standard American English in U.S.A or, in Britain, Standard British English. In other parts of the world we can recognize varieties such as Standard Australian English, Standard Canadian English or Standard Indian English.Accent and dialect We all speak with an accent.Technically, the term "accent" is restricted to the description of aspects of pronunciation that identify where an individual speaker is from, regionally or socially.The term "dialect" is used to describe features of grammar and vocabulary as well as aspects of pronunciation.Dialectology Dialectology distinguishes b…

Entry #10 - Discourse and context in Language Teaching

Entry #9 - Thesis statement

Thesis statement is the single or specific claim that supports your essay. A good thesis statement includes a topic, a precise opinion and reasoning. A thesis statement has three main parts: The subject: It´s the topic of your essay. Narrow your topic or subject. The precise opinion: It’s the opinion on the subject or topic of your essay. (Researching can help you to form your opinion if you aren't aware enough about the topic. Remember that it should be arguable). The blueprint of reasoning: Reasons or evidence to back up you opinion (You support your opinion by researching evidence. Al least, select 3 reasons/evidence.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: -YOUTUBE, "How to write an A+ thesis statement" in Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HePQWodWiQ

Entry #8

Fighting for equality
George Montague, who is 94, is the oldest man in life to have been imprisoned account of his sexuality. This tragic event would have been unimaginable even twenty years ago. Nowadays, gay people can get married but the struggle for gay acceptance in society continues. In Britain, for homosexuals, equality and reality seems just a dream. They are still questioned by some parts of the society, including the church and the judicial system, if homosexuality is the product of nature or nurture.Meanwhile, prosecuted gays participate actively in parades and protests to fight for their rights. Recent statistics point out  gay men who are six times more susceptible to suicide, their anguish unsaid..Overtime, violence has increased against homosexuals men, who from early ages face bullying. Another disappointing rate that gay men suffer form is earning between 10 and 32% less than their heterosexual colleagues. For men, it is difficult to survive in an aggressive society tha…

Entry #7


In paragraph by listing, the writer list items of supporting material. Also, the writer should bear in mind the structure to avoid distraction from the reader. The focus is on the four functions:

Paragraph introducer: sentences establish the topic focus of the paragraph.The paragraph developer present examples or details to support ideas.Modulators: sentences that provide a smooth transition between diferent set of ideas.Terminators: These conclude ideas. This listing paragraph makes a list of weaponry and tools. The topic sentence states the apparatus that the hunter needs for hunting. Each item is separated by commas. The transition sentence (modulator) expresses how the hunter performs the weaponry and tools, they are necessary to carry out his job. Finally, the terminator sentence concludes with a brief comment about what is previously mentioned and may be, adding extra information.